Have you heard of Pick.Click.Give?

It’s an easy way for Alaskans to give a portion of their Permanent Fund Dividend to the local causes they care about. You can contribute amounts in $25 increments to more than 630 qualified Pick.Click.Give (PCG). organizations across the state. The PCG program connects Alaskans with nonprofits with many different cause types, including Youth & Education, Humanitarian, Animals, Arts and Culture, Health, and Community. This program makes it easy for Alaskans to give back to their communities and the causes they care about.

The Arctic Slope Community Foundation is a proud participant in the Pick.Click.Give. program. Donations received from compassionate Alaskans help us do the work we do. With each dollar you give, you help ensure that Alaska’s nonprofits have access to professional grantmakers for consulting, assistance and effective grantmaking. By contributing to The Arctic Slope Community Foundation, you also support a dedicated staff who help the rural communities across the North Slope meet local needs.

Consider donating a portion of your PFD to The Arctic Slope Community Foundation and you can feel good knowing that your dollars have more power when combined with other donations from like-minded individuals. Maximize your local philanthropy today, through Pick.Click.Give. to The Arctic Slope Community Foundation!


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