Aqquilluk Hank Sr.

Mr. Hank is the son of Robert Perry Thibedeau of Barrow, Alaska & Mae Rena Hank of Point Hope, Alaska.  He is the Great-grandson of Dr. Roy & Isabelle Ahmaogak of Wainwright, Alaska. He is also the Grandson of Joule & Elizabeth (Ahmaogak) Thibedeau of Barrow, Alaska and Whaling Captain Nicholas & Mabel Hank of Point Hope, Alaska.

Mr. Hank currently serves as Manager for Tikigaq Corporation overseeing the retail sector for Point Hope Native Store, Whalers Inn and the two Airlines servicing Point Hope, Alaska.

Mr. Hank serves his community as a Church Council Member, Senior Warden and overseer of the Episcopal Church and volunteers year round with numerous events within the community.  He encourages community members to come together in fellowship, unity and prayer. 

You can often find Mr. Hank actively helping youth with community positive programs such as the Tikigaq Little Dribblers basketball games as he is the coach for one of the local six ball teams in Point Hope.

Mr. Hank married Dana Frankson, great-granddaughter of David & Dinah Frankson and Antonio & Hilda Weber of Point Hope, Alaska.  Mr. Hank and his wife Mrs. Dana Hank use their traditional knowledge as avid hunters, gatherers and whalers providing these nutritional resources for their family and community members through each of the seasons and all the year round. 

Mr. Hank is a Whaling Captain for Point Hope and serves as a member of the Point Hope Whaling Captains Association.

Mr. Hank enjoys interacting with the elders and youth in all communities and would like to help provide much needed support for the advancement of each of our Arctic Slope Communities.  He focuses on keeping a positive outlook for the better interest of the future of our Arctic Slope Community.

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