Grantmaking Overview

Arctic Slope Community Foundation is working to build successful partnerships with donors and nonprofits to improve the quality of life for residents of the Arctic Slope region. Arctic Slope Community Foundation facilitates gifts from generous individuals, families, and partner organizations to benefit a broad range of area nonprofit initiatives, programs and organizations.  Arctic Slope Community Foundation offers a range of charitable funds, allowing donors to advance a cause, support individual organizations, or provide flexible support for community needs.

Community organizations throughout the Arctic Slope region are invited to apply for grants from the Arctic Slope Community Foundation.  Arctic Slope Community Foundation will award small and large grants to qualifying organizations

Arctic Slope Community Foundation may provide grants for charitable purposes.  Here are the guidelines adopted by the Arctic Slope Community Foundation Board for the Arctic Slope Fund, an unrestricted endowment that provides grants to meet needs across the region.

Send grant requests and all required items to:

Arctic Slope Community Foundation

3900 C Street, Suite 701

Anchorage, AK 99503
or via email at

Our Response to You

We will send you an acknowledgment that your cover letter and application or Letter of Inquiry was received.

Your application will undergo initial review to make sure that it is complete.  If as a result of that review Arctic Slope Community Foundation concludes that there is no prospect of funding, we will notify you promptly.

Letter of Inquiries will be acknowledged upon receipt at the Foundation, but the review process for eligible inquiries may take up to eight weeks.


Unless otherwise specifically indicated, there are no fixed deadlines for the Arctic Slope Community Foundation grant process.  The board has regularly scheduled meetings and you will be notified as to when your grant will undergo board review.

Please submit your grant request at least two months before your project deadline.

Arctic Slope Community Foundation reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time.

Thank you for your interest in Arctic Slope Community Foundation, and we look forward to receiving your grant application.  Should you have any questions about the grant process, please contact us for additional assistance.


What project activities are not eligible?

•   Funds cannot be used for expenses incurred prior to the grant award;
•   Religious indoctrination or other religious activities;
•   Endowment building;
•   Deficit financing;
•   Lobbying, electioneering and activities of political nature;
•   Ads, sponsorships, or special events;
•   Proposals that discriminate on race, gender, marital status, sexual preference, age, disability, creed or ethnicity;
•   Activities that have the potential to support terrorism;
•   Direct Fundraising, including hiring a grant writer;
•   Construction or the purchase of real property;
•   Core government or organizational programs or services;
•   Personnel Costs*;
•   Direct program costs.

In selected cases, projects undertaken by organizations that normally fall outside the above guidelines may be able to receive funding. Examples include religious organizations whose proposal affects the broader community; or units of government whose proposal extends beyond the traditional governmental functions that impact the broader community.


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