Nuiqsut Population: 420 (2010 US Census Population)

´╗┐There is a place over a hundred miles southeast of Barrow near where the Colville River meets the Beaufort Sea. In this place, the power of our northern lands has always been shared – its a traditional Iñupiat hunting and fishing region and the Iñupiat people have come together here for millennia.

Our village is blessed with bountiful natural resources and our economy is based on whaling, fishing and hunting. In this place we have caribou, whales, seals and moose. We have whitefish, arctic char, burbot and grayling. In this place there was a time when the sacred relationship of the Iñupiat to the land was almost lost. It was a time when economic factors, human loss and forced migration made silent the voice of the Iñupiat people and the land was abandoned.

The old village of Nuiqsut (Itqilippaa) was abandoned in the late 1940s, because there was no school. The village was resettled in 1973 by 27 families from Barrow. A school, homes, and facilities were constructed by federal agencies in the summer of 1973 and 1974; goods were hauled from Barrow by tractor and snowmachine. Now over 400 people call Nuiqsut home and we continue to grow.

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