Kaktovik Population: 239 (2010 US Census Population)

There is a place in the northeastern part of Alaska called Kaktovik. In this place our people, the Kaktovikmiut have lived for thousands of years.  Our stories tell us this place received its name from the death of a strong, young fisherman. Many generations ago, he was lost in a violent storm at sea. When his family came to look for him, they retrieved his body from the sea in a fishing net and since then the name for this place has been Kaktovik, which means “Seining Place.”

Here in this place, we remain connected to the way of life of our ancestors, to our Inuit relations to the east and our Inupiat people to the west. Our subsistence way of life continues and our Kaktovik residents harvest more animals off the land than any other place in Alaska.

In Kaktovik our traditional way of life continues, we have cast our nets into the sea and found life here.

When you collaborate with the Arctic Slope Foundation, you are investing in Kaktovik. You are giving strength to everyone who lives here.

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