Barrow Population: 4212 (2010 US Census Population)

There is a place way up high in the far north, a place on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. It is the most northern city in Alaska. It is home to our people, the coastal Iñupiaq and it has been our home for the last thousand years. It is a place with the ocean on three sides of us, called, in our native language Ukpeagvik or "place where snowy owls are hunted.” Here, our ancestors learned how to survive without warmth, and for at least 65 days a year, without even sunlight. However, they also found a reward – in the summer the sun doesn’t set for almost 82 days.

There is an incredible bounty in the ocean – whales, seals, walrus, and polar bear – and inland riches – incredible populations of caribou, duck, whitefish, and grayling. It is here in the symbolic center of the far north that the Nalukataq or Blanket Toss celebrates each successful spring whale hunt. People travel from all over the Arctic Circle for the Messenger Feast and the International Eskimo Games.

When you collaborate with the Arctic Slope Community Foundation, you are investing in Barrow. You are giving strength to everyone who lives here.

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