Atqasuk Population: 233 (2010 US Census Population)

There is a place where the hunters came to long before the rise of Western Civilization. A place where Inupiat brought their advanced survival technologies to the hunt before the world knew the name of the Roman Empire. There is a place on the Meade River, home of ancient hunting and fishing grounds called Atqasuk where the Inupiat people hunted caribou, picked berries and dried salmon, burbot, and whitefish since time immemorial.

Here in our village, the traditional subsistence way of life continues. It’s a way of life that depends on careful observation and harmony with the natural world. In this place, the caribou gave themselves to our people so we could live. It’s an honor that we’ve respected a covenant that has never been broken and a relationship of thousands of years.

In our small village of Atqasuk, the traditions are still alive and the way of life of the Inupiat continues to this day. 

When you collaborate with the Arctic Slope Foundation, you are investing in Atqasuk. You are giving strength to everyone who lives here.

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