Frequently Asked Questions

Where We Fund

Arctic Slope Community Foundation supports organizations based in and providing services to the Arctic Slope region.  Consideration is given to organizations whose principal location is not within the Arctic Slope region if the organization can demonstrate its commitment to providing quality services to the regional community.

Who We Fund

Arctic Slope Community Foundation is able to fund the following types of organizations: (1) Arctic Slope-based organizations, (2) units of government and (3) federally-recognized tribes.

Who Receives Priority

The Arctic Slope Community Foundation Board gives priority to those organizations based within the Arctic Slope region.  The board also gives priority to those organizations who can demonstrate local community support by showing, for example, letters of support from local organizations who have contributed to the organization.

What We Fund

Arctic Slope Community Foundation awards grant requests from the Arctic Slope Community Foundation Fund according to the following priority:

  •     Arts and Culture;
  •     Education related to culture, language and art activities;
  •     Health and Human Services;
  •     Preservation of Iñupiat Language and Culture.

Arctic Slope Community Foundation will also consider requests to assist with the purchase of assets such as furnishings, buildings, audio and video equipment, books, medical equipment, technology, art supplies, sports equipment, musical instruments, and vehicles.
What We Don't Fund

Arctic Slope Community Foundation concentrates its resources in areas that will have a far-reaching impact on the broader community. As a result, we typically do not fund grant requests in the following areas:

  •     General operations, administrative, indirect, or overhead costs;
  •     Deficits or debt reduction;
  •     Reimbursement for items already purchased;
  •     Political activities or attempts to influence action on specific legislation; or
  •     Grants to individuals, including scholarship awards;
  •     Professional development grants.

In addition, the Arctic Slope Community Foundation will not fund grants that will improperly discriminate as to race, gender, marital status, sexual preference, age, disability, creed or ethnicity, or grants, which provide more than an incidental benefit to a voting member of the Arctic Slope Community Foundation Grants Committee or a related party (spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings and their spouses).

What project activities are not eligible?

  •    Funds cannot be used for expenses incurred prior to the grant award
  •    Religious indoctrination or other religious activities
  •    Endowment building
  •    Deficit financing
  •    Lobbying, electioneering and activities of political nature
  •    Ads, sponsorships, or special events
  •    Proposals which discriminate as to race, gender, marital status, sexual preference,           age, disability, creed or ethnicity 
  •    Activities that have the potential to support terrorism
  •    Direct Fundraising, including hiring a grant writer
  •    Construction or the purchase of real property
  •    Core government or organizational programs or services
  •    Personnel Costs*
  •    Direct program costs

In selected cases, projects undertaken by organizations that normally fall outside the above guidelines may be able to receive funding. Examples include religious organizations whose proposal affects the broader community, or units of government whose proposal extends beyond the traditional governmental functions that affect the broader community.

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